I came across a video, titled “Forty Years & Counting.” The video offers us a fascinating history of this Futuro and features interviews with the various owners over the years along with some great video footage and marvelous stills.

The video was filmed by Kim Best and uploaded to YouTube by Ambato1234. Still photographs are by Lee and Mary Jane Russo and Ricky Jones and there are interviews with the following:

Dorothy & Percy Midgett [Neighbors]
James Bagwell [Current Owner]
Berle Wilson [Past Neighbor]
John O’Brien [Past Owner]
Dr. Lee & Mary Jane Russo [Original Owners]
Peter Mosley [Artist]

Though obviously the video was not made for “little old me” I would like to extend my thanks to all involved for creating such a fascinating and fact filled look at the life of the Frisco Futuro; as a result the history of the Frisco Futuro is now as well documented as almost any Futuro out there.

The video clears up many of the questions about the history of the Frisco Futuro. It does actually confirm much of what I had listed previously but it also disproves some of the reports and rumor about the unit.
— http://thegrumpyoldlimey.com/pages/Futuro-Buxton-North-Carolina-USA.html


By DON WINNER for Panama-Guide.com - There's a great new documentary video available about the Spay Panama organization. The mission of this charity organization is to spay and neuter as many stray animals as possible, to reduce the number of unwanted animals wandering the streets in the Republic of Panama. Spay Panama has trained more than 50 volunteer veterinarians who perform the surgeries on the animals. They've spayed tens of thousands of animals since they started in 2001 . . . About the video, from their website: "Recently, Kim Best of North Carolina, a documentarian and videographer, visited our clinic in Panama City, Panama. In this fantastic video, she captures "The Good, The Best, and The Better" of Spay Panama. --  http://www.panama-guide.com/article.php/20120131095525185

"I recently saw a wonderful YouTube video by Spay Panama (in Panama City). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZOz_TcORUM&feature=youtu.be
Patricia Chan, the founder of Spay Panama, was largely the impetus for my starting the spay/neuter clinics in Volcan." -- Dottie


-- "DELIGHTFUL!  I enjoyed seeing the spinning process, which I had never seen before -- Carol makes spinning look very easy, but I'm sure it has taken her many years to perfect her technique -- her yarn is gorgeous -- and so is your kitty." 

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