What a Scientist Looks Like

What are microbes doing in sourdough starters? What are they doing in the guts of endangered lemurs? Microbial ecologist Erin McKenney keenly wants to shed light on such questions. She also wants to share her passion for research with youth, especially young women, and empower them to think of themselves as scientists.   

                                                Stepping Out

Where is that cat of yours going? The Cat Tracker Project uses "citizen scientists" to track the whereabouts of their outdoor cats.

Little Works of Art

Harold "Cat Man" Sims' recently-opened American Museum of the House Cat in Sylva, NC, houses over 10,000 cat-related objects. It honors cats as "little works of art." But, more importantly, Sims says, it supports his no-kill, open cat shelter that keeps homeless cats from being jailed, like criminals, until they can be adopted.

Every Egg Has a Story

With their vivid colors and wide array of symbols, pysanky {"written eggs") have been said to impart magic, healing, and even -- according to legend -- the power to save the world from evil.

That Deputy Sheriff Might Surprise You

In 1979, Lucy Zastrow became the first woman deputy in the Durham County Sheriff's Office. During a 30-year career in law enforcement, she was promoted to lieutenant, captain and then major. Formidable even as a child and dubbed "The Shark" by her colleagues, she proved herself to be tough but fair.

Advocates for Rabbits

Thinking of adding a rabbit to your family? Great idea. Rabbits are fun and clever, cuddly and companionable. But, first, you need to learn a thing or two about them.


SPAY Panama: A Friend to Animals

Much of the misery of homeless cats and dogs can be relieved by spaying or neutering them. The nonprofit organization, SPAY Panama, believes that spay and neuter services for cats and dogs should be within reach -- geographically and financially -- for everyone. And, since 2001, over 38,000 animals have benefited from its services.

Straight and Steady

In southern Spain, Marlene and Steven Byrd are trying their best to save the pure Andaluz donkey from extinction. It has been inbred, and trucks and tractors have left it little place in the modern Spanish economy. But there is a surprising light at the end of a very long tunnel for the donkey.


From a special perspective, Carlos Sánchez keeps a steady vigil over the active volcano Tungarahua that looms over Baños, Ecuador.

Piedmont Health: A Medical Home

In 1970, North Carolina's first community health center began delivering comprehensive primary care services and health education for all members of the community, particularly those receiving inadequate health care or with limited access to services. A medical home for patients, Piedmont Health is, perhaps, a model for the nation's health care. 


Communications for Clinical Trials

A 30-minute educational video providing guidance to clinical trial staff and researchers: primarily, how to anticipate and respond to communications challenges posed by the conduct of clinical research.  Available online at: communications4clintrials.org.


Savings Lives in Kenya006.jpg

Saving Lives in Kenya

A 15-minute educational video for use by the Government of Kenya about voluntary male circumcision for HIV/AIDS prevention.