Cat Advocacy

A smart, chatty and well-educated cat is sorely disappointed by his birthday toys. But help is at hand!


Driven to Drink

As the 2016 political campaign season lurched to a close, it had taken its toll. Polls showed that anxiety-ridden Americans had taken to drinking more heavily. Bartenders wanted to help. 





Hairstylists and barbers with over 100 years of cumulative experience ponder the technical mysteries of Donald Trump's hairstyle.




Forty Years and Counting

A "spaceship" house has woven its way through many lives since its appearance on North Carolina's Outer Banks in 1972. From whence did it come? And where might it go? 


Mittens from Kittens

Cat fur can be a terrible nuisance. But, in the proper hands, it can be spun, knit and woven into useful items. It can even spark romance.


The Kale-Vodka Martini: Hip or Hopeless? 

The Kale-Vodka Martini. It smells like a freshly cut lawn. Would you recommend it to friends?








Merry Little Chicken Christmas

Geraldine and John Oakley's yard displays off Highway 86 near Prospect Hill, NC, have turned heads for years now. But the couple's holiday decorations are just the tip of an iceberg.





Found Objects

Daniel Mathewson, a metal sculptor, died tragically while collecting -- on a highway median -- materials for his art. His vision is remembered here.



Nobler on the Nile

Thirty years ago, Gadalla Rasheed, an Egyptian university English literature major, had to abandon his studies for lack of money. But it was not the end of the world! He cunningly used his knowledge of English to woo his wife, who gave him four children: all well-educated. And he chose simple, honest work -- as a felucca operator on the Nile in Luxor -- that has allowed him to charm tourists with robust recitations of English literature.



All  the People Smile

Most Egyptians were delighted and proud of their Revolution, which ousted Hosni Mubarak on February 11, 2011. While hopeful for the long-term future, their optimism was guarded. Nothing was guaranteed. True change would not occur overnight. Meanwhile, some struggled more than ever just to earn a living.



Magic and Demons

Once upon a time, there was a small town in South America that was a perfect paradise. But, over time, the people began to take it for granted. They let modernity and bad spirits sneak in.  



The Really Terrible Orchestra of the Triangle

The Really Terrible Orchestra of the Triangle (a.k.a. RTOOT) faces the unusual challenge of working very hard to be good, while also trying to maintain its "terrible" status. 






Nuts About Bladenboro

Despite having fallen on hard times, Bladenboro, NC, is keen to revitalize financially and offers much to potential businesses. Boat building? Peanut processing? Who knows what's next. The bottom line is it's time to "rural source" to towns like Bladenboro, where people have strong mechanical skills, a solid work ethic, and a great attitude. 


The Japanese Vegetable Cake

As 2016 ends and 2017 begins, it appears that our world has turned upside down. It's left many of us wondering, "What's next?" And, if it's anything good, is it good for everyone? One thing that would appear to be so is the invention of the enchanting and healthy Japanese Vegetable Cake.

                                      Recruits for Roots

As one year concludes and another begins, it's time yet again to take a moment to seriously, soberly consider what foods are going to be hip. What's trending? What should we be seen eating? The answer: ugly root vegetables.

                            Happy LIttle Brussel Sprouts Easter

 It's been called nasty, detestable, obnoxious, sad, sour and soggy. But the Brussel Sprout is a "trending" vegetable. Easter is a perfect opportunity to incorporate this new food status symbol into your life!